High-Precision, High-Quality Platework and Sheet Metal Machining

NSSK specializes in advanced-technology platework and sheet metal machining other manufacturers find difficult, such as producing pressure vessels, chambers and tanks used in industrial plants.

We manufacture pipework of various materials and shapes to support a wide range of applications and environments. We can also produce prefabricated piping, coil-shaped tubes, u-bent tubes and other pipes with 3D shapes.

Our advanced Quality Management System (QMS), which is driven by high-precision inspection equipment set to the specifications needed to ensure the proper level of quality, is always incorporated into each process. We have acquired the ISO 9001 and Eco-Action 21 certifications.

We have received a commendation as "Excellent health promoting office" from Niigata Prefecture Association of Social Insurance (General Incorporated Foundation).
Since Oct.1st, 2012, our trade name has been changed to " Nippon Steel KOZAI CO.,LTD."
Website updated.

5th Floor, KDX Nihonbashi Edodori Building 3-9-4 Nihonbashi-Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 103-0023